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Everyone is careful about health when eating at home, so why should it be any different while eating out or ordering aPizza?

We all pay attention to the ingredients we use when cooking at home.Because of our food, you don’t have to worry about causing a detriment to your health by eating fast food ! Pizza Biologica is like no other pizzeria. We are committed, despite the difficulties that this implies, to offer you the best certified organic products, prepared with love and knowledge by our chef pizzaiolo. The rapid cooking at very high temperature makes it possible to serve a crispy bread on the outside, soft on the inside, as well as to retain the freshness of our ingredients. All the Italian knowledge is used here to offer you high-quality pizzas, to be enjoyed at home, along with one of the wines from our selection if you wish. Our goal is to bring you flavors, freshness and quality directly right at your home.
Pizza Biologica ensures you of an outstanding and pleasurable gastronomic experience.




The practice of organic farming reduces pollution and soil erosion, it conserves water, increases soil-fertility but uses less energy. In conventional farming chemicals are widely used and residues remain in the food we consume. But Organic Food is often fresher because it doesn’t contain any chemicals!



Pizza dough contains almost the same ingredients that any bread dough would have – Flour, Yeast, Water, Oil and Salt and in some cases Sugar. At Pizza Biologica, every ingredient used is Organic! The flour used preserve all the organoleptic properties of wheat grain. It helps us rediscover the importance of carbohydrates for a healthy and tasty everyday diet. Made from the best grains, using the augmented stone milling system that includes the most advanced cleaning and flour calibration technologies – the flour is different from other flour on the market.   Like the Flour, each and every ingredient used as toppings, appetisers/side-dishes as well as recommended Wines are also organic and sourced from the selected and certified producers. Not only do we use organic ingredients most of the toppings are seasonal which enhances the taste and quality of the Pizzas we deliver! But ingredients are nothing without the skilled hands that know how to transform it into
delicious food. For example, the strength used in the process of kneading helps develop the gluten. Gluten activity is regulated by bacteria formed during the fermentation process. For this reason, it is fundamental to master this natural procedure because it allows the yeasts to develop. This is why food artisans need state-of-the-art flours and innovative techniques to prepare their products, for the benefit of present and future generations. Pizza Biologica staff has attended workshops and courses to learn the techniques of preparing the best dough for a tasty yet healthy Pizza!   As part of our commitment to nature, the box used for delivery – has been produced using the recycled craft paper.

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Our Organic restaurant prepares foods that have been grown using organic products

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